Plumr is one of the most trusted and reliable plumbing services in the NorthShore area. Our reputation is built on honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices, making us the go-to choice for plumbing repairs and installations, big or small.

Our owner, Nick, is a Licensed Master Plumber and esteemed educator at The Peterson School in Woburn, MA. Under his expert leadership, our skilled plumbers deliver excellent and dependable services.

Choose Plumr for professionalism, reliability, and skillful industry-leading service.



We are committed to offering professional expertise with a personal touch that truly resonates with our clients.

Our team, guided by Nick Nocifora, our owner and teacher at The Peterson School in Woburn, teaches top-tier training using the latest industry methods and best practices.

Nick’s passion for guiding aspiring Master Plumbers transcends the classroom, ensuring that his team is always equipped with the most current techniques in the industry.

This propels Plumr to consistently deliver service that exceeds our clients’ expectations. As a result, we’ve become known as more than just a plumbing service. 

We have developed into a professional team dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and preserving the integrity of your living space. By choosing Plumr, you’re choosing a blend of continuous learning, advanced skills and unwavering dedication to tackling your most challenging plumbing issues.  Plumr is committed to providing you with the expert service and peace of mind you deserve.