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Hello Saugus! Known for its waterfront views and historic sites like the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, our town deserves nothing less than top-tier services. Plumr, under the competent and experienced leadership of our licensed master plumber, Nick, is here to deliver exceptional Plumbing Services in Saugus, MA.

Nick, with his vast experience and passion for the trade, brings top industry standards to every service Plumr delivers. A strong advocate for continuous education, he shares his insights and knowledge by teaching at The Peterson School in Woburn, MA. His leadership forms the bedrock of our service offerings, each one designed to meet your specific residential needs.

Our services are comprehensive and are as follows:

Installation and repairs of water heaters, catering to both gas and electric types. Addressing common toilet and faucet issues with expert solutions.
Drain cleaning and jetting to ensure smooth running of your systems.
Installation and repairs for garbage disposals and shower valves, vital for daily waste disposal and maintaining the correct water pressure and temperature respectively. Support for large-scale residential renovation projects, updating plumbing systems to comply with modern standards.
Handling boiler-related issues with skill and precision.

Stay tuned, Saugus! Our upcoming blog posts will delve deeper into each of these services, provide practical maintenance tips, and illustrate the unwavering dedication of Plumr in keeping your plumbing systems well-tuned. With Plumr and Nick’s expertise, your plumbing worries will be a thing of the past!

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